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New CCTV Surveillance Systems in Chicago & Aurora IL

RushRash - Chicago Security Cameras Division
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RushRash Completes Two Large Surveillance Systems in Chicago and Aurora IL

Aurora, IL and Chicago, IL – January 24, 2012

There is no limit to keeping your family, business, and community safe from unwelcomed intruders, than with the installation of a reliable security system. RushRash has completed two large surveillance system projects in Aurora, Batavia, and the South side of the Chicago area.

Chicago High Rise Surveillance SystemRushRash assisted Green T Services in moving its existing surveillance equipment and system from Batavia, Illinois to Aurora, Illinois, due to the company’s relocation. In addition Green T Services complemented its existing service with an additional 16 CCTV surveillance camera system. This addition is double in size from its original location in Batavia, Illinois. All network cabling and phone wiring has also been moved to this new location by Rushrash engineers and technicians. RushRash completed this project in approximately two weeks. Equipment from the Batavia site has been reused in the new location saving Green T services thusands of dollars.

Green T Services specializes in carpet cleaning, pest control, and lawn care services, using all products that are safe and environmentally friendly for both residential and commercial customers. In the carpet cleaning section of its business, Green T Services performs complete carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, duct cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. It offers monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual carpet cleaning services available to all its customers for optimal maintenance. Its indoor pest control services use safe products to kill household pests without any environmental effects.

Green T Services also offers lawn care specializing in granular fertilizer for its safer qualities and slower release system for long-lasting results. It provides its customers with free service calls in-between regular maintenance to ensure the high quality in yard care.

RushRash has also completed the installation of an outdoor and camera surveillance system on the fourth floor of a 22 story building on South Lowe Street in Chicago, Illinois. A 60 foot boom left was used to relocate the existing surveillance system from the second floor to the fourth floor of this building. In addition, a new eight camera surveillance system was set in place to monitor different  angles for the massive 22 story building in south side Chicago. This new addition gives the management team a better comprehensive coverage of the immense 22 story building. This equipment movement allows for a larger surveillance area, increasing the safety in this area from intruders or other illegal activity.

RushRash’s projects with Green T Services in Aurora, Illinois and its project in Chicago, Illinois of relocating and adding new surveillance equipment increases safety measures in these communities for both businesses and individual members of society. The high reputation that RushRash has established in Illinois is evident through its reliability in providing surveillance services in a timely manner to ensure that there is no lack in security needs.

RushRash specializes in the installation of surveillance cameras and custom CCTV security cameras designed and installed according to a customer’s needs, including maintenance. It is the leading supplier of CCTV security cameras in the Chicago, Illinois area. All surveillance equipment comes with a 24-hour and seven days a week recording and monitoring service to provide its customers with secure protection. RushRash provides personal computer and laptop support, as well as network setup for complete surveillance capabilities.