Cook County Forest Preserve Web Cam System

Osprey Nest Monitoring

The Forest Preserve District of Cook County request Rushrash to install a Web Cam System (CCTV) at Long John Slough which is adjacent to Little Red School House Nature Center located at 9800 S. 104th Avenue, Willow Springs, IL.  Rushrash installed a Digital Color Infrared Outdoor PTZ Camera, Camera Audio with Waterproof Housing, Camera Mounting System, Solar Power System, Clear-Line-Of – Sight Weatherproof Video Link -Wireless Transmitter and Receiver System and all related hardware in order to provide a complete operational web cam system to monitor Osprey in its nest during the upcoming spring and summer months.  The web cam system shall be attached to an existing Osprey Nest Structure. The nest structure consists of a wooden platform attached to a utility pole located in the middle of the lake. Installation shall take place over ice conditions, when ice has a minimum of 4” thickness.The intent of this project is to allow the public to remotely view nesting activities located in the middle of the Long John Slough from a monitor located inside the Nature Center and on the web and through a monitor located at the nature center.

cctv solar system

Solar Panels Installed for an IP Camera - Cock County Illinois