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PTZ Security Cameras


Security cameras provide a beneficial support system for any business or home, helping to keep watch over the perimeter of the surrounding area. While these cameras are helpful when it comes to watching around or in a building, some cameras only have a limited range. This of course has been an issue when it comes to tracking down thieves or assailants, as crimes can happen just outside a camera’s range, only providing small amounts of help to law enforcement.

This is where PTZ security cameras come in. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing for a camera to move left and right, up and down, as well as the ability to zoom in and out of an area for greater coverage. Usually shaped like the standard dome camera, PTZ security cameras can be controlled by a keyboard and a receiver in order to manipulate movement, however many of these already have a receiver built in so that they can move automatically. These commands can be easily programmed, for example, a home owner can decide that the camera should pan the outside of a home every few minutes. Examples of a PTZ cameras: IR camera 420 TVL 1/4" Sony 27x Optical IR



PTZ security cameras also use a combination of both digital and optical zooming, which are calculated by multiplying the digital zoom with that of the optical zoom. As with many other pan tilt based cameras, PTZ security cameras are small, making them perfect for placing within areas that can be unseen. They can be placed on walls, ceilings, corners, and even on the surface of a desk.

Along with the abilities to be placed anywhere, many of these cameras also feature weather proofing – meaning that they can be sustain through wind, rain, and sun – as well as being day or night capable. This means that during the day, owners will see images in color, while black and white images are done at night.

One of these PTZ security camera models is that of the SP-I550H high speed dome camera. Using the standard pan tilt continuous rotation of 360 degrees, as well as using a non-blind spot of 90 degrees, this model also features an aluminum alloy construction that helps to prevent distortion and protects surface brightness. Featuring abilities to make the camera work privately and reliable, this model also allows for rotational speeds up to 280 degrees, as well as an auto-flip feature.

These types of PTZ security cameras will usually come with Linux based operating systems, however they are able to be run on a PC with Microsoft Windows running on it. Some of the software can even be used on a smartphone or tablet, allowing for mobility while an owner, business or home, is out and about or even out of town.

The standard Internet protocols, such as HTTP, TCP/IP, and FTP are available with PTZ security cameras and will usually have the ability to ensure that the system is able to be protected, with the use of passwords. An important factor is to of course ensure that the passwords that are chosen are ones that cannot be guessed by outside forces, such as hackers.