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Security Shop Software Interface Description

4.0 Functional Model and Description
      4.1 Class diagrams
      4.2 Software Interface Description
    4.2.1 External machine interfaces
    4.2.2 External system interfaces


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Usage scenario

Data Model and Description

Functional Model and Description

Behavioral Model and Description

Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints

Validation Criteria

Surveillance / Security Camera Installation and Maintenance Shop Requirements

Security Camera Installation

4.0 Functional Model and Description

4.1 Class diagrams

Security Shop Class Diagram

4.2 Software Interface Description

The software interface to the outside world described.

4.2.1 External machine interfaces

There must be two server applications which are necessary for the software to work,

  • A web server and database server.
  • The web server needs to be accessible from the internet to serve both hosts within the local network as well as customers and employees from the outside.
  • Access to the database must be limited to the hosts providing the web serving.
  • Clients for users to access the application through a GUI.
  • Printer to print reports.

4.2.2 External system interfaces

Since this is a web-based application, the external system interfaces will be the client’s web browsers which will be used to render the GUI for the users to access.

4.2.3 Human interface

Customers have appropriate privileges. Based on the privileges appropriate operations can be performed by the customer and the admin.