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Security Shop Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints

6.0 Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints









Usage scenario

Data Model and Description

Functional Model and Description

Behavioral Model and Description

Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints

Validation Criteria

Surveillance / Security Camera Installation and Maintenance Shop Requirements

Security Camera Installation

6.0 Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints
The below mentioned Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints explains the cases which impact the specification, design, or implementation of the software system. These items may also contribute to restrict the scalability and performance of the system as well. Because of either the
complexity of the issue or if the implementation is too time consuming which does proportionate to the quality or delivery of the system may be considered not to be implemented for the earlier version of the system.

  • The information of all the users must be stored in a database that is accessible by the CRM Application.
  • The CRM application is a system which can be used thru the day.
  • The billing system is connected (integrated) to the CRM Application and the database used by the billing system must be compatible with the interface of the CRM Application.
  • The users must have their correct usernames and passwords to enter into the CRM Application.
  • Return ID and shipment must be correctly processed.

Assumptions and dependencies

  • The users have sufficient knowledge of computers.
  • The computer should have the product installed correctly.
  • The users know the English language, as the user interface will be provided in English
  • The product can access the database.