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Surveillance Systeme - Store Validation Criteria

7.0 Validation Criteria
      7.1 Classes of tests
      7.2 Expected software response
      7.3 Performance bounds


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Usage scenario

Data Model and Description

Functional Model and Description

Behavioral Model and Description

Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints

Validation Criteria

Surveillance / Security Camera Installation and Maintenance Shop Requirements

Security Camera Installation

7.0 Validation Criteria

The approach to software validation is described below:

7.1 Classes of tests

Types of tests to be conducted:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing

Emphasis we will be on the configuration review, Performance testing, Control Structure testing (includes condition testing, data flow testing, loop testing) Boundary Value analysis, Scenarios based testing, Testing GUIs and Testing of Client Server Architecture (e.g transaction test, database test, network communication test etc).

7.2 Expected software response

Test cases will be generated for each of the modules and analysis will be done to check if we get the expected results or not. Some of the examples would be:

    • Checking if the corresponding information is displayed
    • Check for response time. Is it within 10 Seconds?
    • Check for fields for data entry.

Validation of user inputs.

7.3 Performance bounds

      1 Response Time

The time taken to place order, delete order, update order, add customer, delete customer, update customer, view transaction history should not take more than 10 seconds time to retrieve the information and display to the user (customers, employees). The system shall be allowed to take more time when doing large processing jobs.

2. Administrator/Customer Response

The system shall take as less time as possible to provide service to the administrator or customer.

3. Capacity

The system is capable of handling multiple users at a time provided the database is installed in a common location and can be accessed by all users. In case the database is applied to a single system only one user can access it at any time.

4. Resource Utilization

The resources are modified according to the user requirements and also according to the orders requested by the customers.