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Digital Video Recording Devices (DVR)

16 CH DVRs



DVR - CCTV Recording

Digital DVRs records video in a digital format which yields excellent quality recording when configured correctly. Generally speaking DVRs record video signals from closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras for detection and documentation purposes. Many are designed to record audio as well. A DVR CCTV system provides a wide range of advanced features over VCR technology including: video searches by event, time, date and camera. In DVRs you can control quality and frame rate to suite your requirements for example more recording time (optimized disk space usage) for example. You can also configure the DVR to overwrite the oldest security recording should the disk become full. In some DVR security systems remote access to security footage using a PC can also be achieved by connecting the DVR to a LAN network or the internet. Digital Video Recording Devices DVR are classfied as: Digital DVR, Analog DVR or Hybrid DVRs. Security DVRs may also be categorized as being either PC based or CCTV based. A PC based DVR’s architecture is a classical personal computer with video capture cards designed to capture video images.

DVR Remote Access via the internet or smartphone

Remotely monitor and manage your business or home from your personal computer MAC OS or Windows OS. You can also monitor you rhome or business via mobile viewing apps from your smartphone:  iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Pro or Symbian OS. All cameras are designed for day and  night vision and can pose as a deterrent for unwanted intruders. Our  cameras feature a flexible three-axis mount that route the cable through the bracket and into the wall to deter vandalism.

Recording Time

Record and retain the activity on your premises in real-time digital video technology on your DVR's pre-installed hard drive. Our Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are designed to manage multiple cameras depending on the numbr of channels on the DVR,  for example 16-cahnnel DVR can support up to 16 cameras.  DVRs configuration and setup will enable users to view, record and playback recorded video locally or over the Internet. All our  surveillance systems can be handled remotely (from the internet), or locally.

H.264 Video Compression

H.264 compression uses up to 50 percent less bandwidth than MPEG-4 to transmit images of the equal quality and characteristics.  more on H.264

Digital Video Recording Devices (DVR)
16 CH DVRs
16 CH DVRs
Mobile DVR - Cars and Van DVR
Mobile DVR - Cars and Van DVR
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