High Definition (HD) Digital Video Recording (DVR)

High Definition (HD) Digital Video Recording devices are available and is the a standard recording technology they are now affordable for consumers and produces excellent quality for both recording and streaming. The DVRs offer all the functionality of a standard DVR (like TiVo) but also allow for viewing and recording of HD broadcasts.

Supported Recording Technology

HD DVR supports the following cameras technologies:

  • HD-TVI - High Definition Transport Video Interface
  • HD-AHD - AHD CCTV is an analog high definition closed-circuit television video surveillance standard that uses coax cable to transmit HD video from security cameras to DVRs
  • Analog - analog CCTV application, security cameras capture an analog video signal and transfer that signal over coax cable to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). AHD supports 720p and 1080p HD video resolutions.
  • + 2 IP / Network Security Camera

DVR Camera Configuration

Sample Rushrash DVRs

  • LTD8304
  • LTD8504
  • LTD4104
  • LTD8308
  • LTD8508
  • LTD4108
  • LTD8316
  • LTD8516
  • LTD4116
  • LTD8424
  • LTD9224
  • LTD4116