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Cook County Forest Preserve

Rushrash offers reliable and affordable IT and Network Services with 24/7 support on-site and on-line supports plans for any size business. read more

Cook County Forest Preserve Web Cam System

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Cook County Forest Preserve

The Forest Preserve District of Cook County request Rushrash to install a Web Cam System (CCTV) at Long John Slough which is adjacent to Little Red School House Nature Center located at 9800 S. 104th Avenue, Willow Springs, IL. read more

Steps and procedures for installing a surveillance security system:

  1. Determine requirements and need
    In this phase we work with the basic customer’s goals and needs. We focus on why does our customer need a security system? Most businesses and home owner would want to protect their assets and belongings.
  2. Study location and Site Survey
    Analysis the location that requires a surveillance system installed. We first determine the need, we usually ask the customer what do you want to monitor? What do you want to protect? Etc.
  3. Study the area and environment to determine the location and type of each camera used based on zooming requirements, clarity requirements, range, budget and sensitivity (motion vs continuous).
  4. In step 4 we propose all types of cameras based on 1, 2 and 3 above. For example we might propose a weather proof camera that runs day and night with motion detect and zooming or tracking (camera moves continuously). (LICE24SL -Weatherproof IR camera). Another example of such choices: say we need to monitor a door, now we can put the camera inside or outside! Such a decision could be determined based on sun, shade and general environmental characteristics.
  5. Based on this needs and requirements we determine the location of:
    a. The DVR System
    b. The Monitor
    c. The Cameras
    d. The brackets and cables

Chicago Press Release

RushRash Completes 2 Large Surveillance System Projects in Chicago and Aurora, IL

RushRash assisted Green T Services in moving its existing surveillance equipment and system from Batavia, Illinois to Aurora, IL. RushRash has also completed the installation and reconfiguration of an outdoor camera surveillance system on the fourth floor of  high rise  building on South Lowe Street in Chicago.  read more


CCTV CablesRushRash Inc. an Illinois security camera installation company provides video camera installation services for greater Chicago land.  Our services include installation and security system design of video surveillance systems, security camera systems upgrades and maintenance and POS recording among other security services.  We offer quality DVRs, surveillance cameras and other CCTV Surveillance system equipment.  Video Surveillance System - 24/7 Recording & Monitoring With Video Surveillance. Our Security Camera Installations comes with Free Risk Assessment, free Site Survey, free qoutes and all installation are guaranteed with one warranty on labor and parts. 

We are a Chicago security cameras installation company supporting all types of Business, schools, warehouses, stores, governement, and home Surveillance system.  Our services currently available in the following states and cities of Illinois and the surrounding areas: Illinois, South Wisconsin, north Indian and Michigan.  Feel free to conatact us for a free CCTV Installation estimate.  we also have a CCTV Surveillance Maintenance Service Plans in these areas.

Purchasing and installing a home or business surveillance system can be an overwhelming task for someone unfamiliar with the industry. Components of this process include choosing surveillance equipment, setting up recording devices, scheduling timers, and the mechanical aspects of security camera installation.

CCTV Video Surveillance Installation

LIRDCIf you are in need of a complete installed security camera, video surveillance system or a digital video recorder, RushRah expertise is all you need to support you in your project. We carry and install video surveillance and security camera equipments. Our professional technician and engineers are trained and ready to complete your project on time. Call use today and take advantage of the installation deals on 4 cameras , 8 cameras and 16 cameras or custom security cameras installation projects. Our surveillance cameras are durable, metal weatherproof, night vision cameras, motion based for maximum recording time. Our recording devices (DVR) come in 4-channel, 8-channel and 16-channel H.264 Network DVR security and surveillance system with real time recording provides peace of mind by allowing you to remotely monitor your premises over the Internet or on your Smartphone. with up to 5 users to simultaneously watch live video or play back video anywhere in the world.
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Video Surveillance & Security Camera Consultation

Rushrash is proud to offer you free consultation and estimate to install your video surveillance / security system, we have certified security camera and video surveillance experts and engineers standing by to answer your security camera, digital video recorder (DVR), and CCTV questions. Our security camera experts are professional in understanding your requirements, needs, and environment to customize the right video surveillance package you need, our experts gained professionalism through design, installation and servicing security camera systems for more than 20 years. We will recommend only what is necessary for your need. .

Custom Security Camera Video Surveillance Systems

Rusrash offers a Computer based DVR Video Surveillance System with security Cameras offers Remote Access to your cameras from anywhere through a web browser. A  cctv video security camera system will allow you to view recorded images while continuing to record on all security cameras. The Video Surveillance Camera System with 4, 8, or 16 security cameras will record onto an internal hard drive using scheduled recording, around the clock or built in motion detection technology. cctv Video surveillance system offers smart advanced search and easy play back functionality.

Professional Security Camera

Our professional security cameras for your video surveillance system include: Color security cameras, Day and night security cameras, infrared security cameras, dome security cameras, black and white security cameras, bullet security camera, hidden cameras, pan tilt zoom (ptz) cameras, zoom security cameras, dummy cameras, ip digital security cameras, and board mini security cameras.

Security Camera Installation Shop

Video Surveillance Store

The security shop Inventory Control System for the Security Camera Installation and Maintenance Shop's main purpose is to support the company's Products and Services Tracking Department. It shall help track of the three main products that the shop offers, namely, Surveillance/Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Surveillance System Accessories (see Glossary for details). The system shall maintain specific information about each inventory item. Beyond the main inventory control system of the software,the system shall provide the ability to maintain a vendor list and a customer list.

The objective of this software developments lies in how well the requirements are understood and how this can be developed using proper planned phases in different modules. The project objective is to build inventory system software for Surveillance Camera Store to support the growing in business. The software function is to keep track of all products and services information, customer information, vendor information, generate reports, order management, and all basic inventory functions for the Video Surveillance Store. Click here for the complete security camera installation shop - Requirement Specification Document