Security Camera System Requirements Clarification


questions about specification of the product. I have found that the detailed specification of each product has many attributes. Do we need too add all of them to our database, or just IR LED,working distance, water resistance, LEns, Volatage ,Dimension and weight are ok? I have see you have list the type of camera in the website as below. how could we define which type is each camera in? some is the combination of another one like some dome camera also have water resistance and wireless.

  • C-mount camera
  • Day / night camera
  • Dome camera
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Pin-hole camera
  • Waterproof cameras
  • Weatherproof cameras
  • Bullet Dome
  • Infrared PTZ / Speed Domes
  • Wireless Network / IP Micro Security

    you can make them a check list whereby you can mark them to certain products I have see you have list the type of camera in the website as above.


    Could you please identify the types and sub types of camera for us?

    For example, DVR has3 types 4 channel 8 channel and 16 channel and each typehas it's own specification but for the camera, it is very confuse. you said in prject description that that type s can be bullet, dome,Cmount,Infrared,PTZ/speed dome, wireless .network ip,micro security, but i have found many bullet cam and dome using C-mount lens. and in the dome type you also have water resistance and non water resistance, despite in the project requirement the water resistance should be the same for each type that you mention (bullet, dome,Cmount,Infrared,PTZ/speed dome, wireless .network ip,micro security).

    and there's also a lot of detail specification like white balance, operating temp etc. Do we need to add them? or just the type and the specification of the type as in project description is ok? if so, please tell us a hierachy of type and subtype of the cameras.


    each type has a specification of these parameter and you can add a new type with other specifications IR LED working distance, water resistance LEns Volatage Dimension and weight each product can have additional information like the list below, and it is up to user to insert it or not image sensor Horizontal resolution pixels usable illumination Tv system Sync System IR status IR power on S/N ratio gamma correction video out scanning system Electronic shutter time Operating Temperature Storage temperature White Balance Weight.


    Is the correct?

      In the project description, you stated that "the security cameras offered are of different security camera types(bullet, Dome ,Cmount, Infrared, PTZ.....)" what is the meaning of the "TYPE" here? it's like one camera can be dome and wireless in the same time but the camera cannot be bullet camera and Dome at the same time. This is very ambiguous description, could you please clarify this?YES