Security Cameras Q&A


Security Cameras Installation Q&AAsk us questions about security cameras installation. Ask us any question about surveillance systems, cameras, DVRs, recording, hard drive capacity, etc. 

 What is Surveillance Cameras System?Answer: A Surveillance Cameras System Shop maintains social control, recognizes and monitors threats, prevent/investigate criminal activity and repairs the security systems. It consists of both software and hardware maintenance and repairing. And as it comprises of both hardware and software maintenance so it comprises of system and software engineering as well.  Security Camera Instllation Costhow much does cost to install 4 cameras, 8 cameras and 16 cameras system? Answer:We currently have a deal to install 4 cameras for $1400, install 8 cameras for $1999 and install 16 cameras for $3600.

These estimate are based on 100ft distance for each camera, that is the distance between the camera and the DVR. The cost includes all security camera equipment required to fully install a functional surveillance system including: DVR, hard drive, monitor, installation, cables, wires, electrical boxes, plugs, Sony lenses, etc. Contact Rushrash today for a free estimate on any other configuration.