Surveillance Camera Shop Team Questions


Team Iivision Tech Questions

1. Regarding the security: Should there be any system lock after certain attempts to login?
Answer: Yes, three attempts and the system should lock the user for 30 minutes

2. Regarding the Update/delete/add: Is it necessary to only update/add in the event of checkout or at all times?
Answer: This is a general requirement saying we should be able for example to update products such as security cameras, vendors, DVRs. Also for example we should be able to update business/customer information.

3. Regarding Web-based solution: Are there any restrictions with developing in the web based format?
Answer: No.

4. Regarding Database: Will it be ok if i do the database in Microsoft access?
Answer: Yes

5. Regarding Customer id: Should the customer id be any number of numerical characters?
Answer: you decide

6. Regarding vendor information: Where should the vendor information should be displayed if we do a web based solution.
Answer: On the reports and forms. For example we enter new vendor into the system

7. Regarding Web based solution: will it be ok, if the solution be of the kind ecommerce style.
Answer: yes, but we are not selling

8. Regarding Web based solution: Is there any restrictions on number pages for the web based project.
Answer: No

9. Regarding Customer id: Should there be the any login times or any time stamp that has to be recorded in the event of login.
Answer: yes we need to track this information for security reasons

10. Regarding Return Policy: Is there any return policy or any other kind of return shipment
id that has to be generated to the customer in the event of return?
Answer: yes

Simple Soft Team Questions

1. What kind of information do you seek to track in customer record. (eg, emails, address ) Do we need any specific detail ( gender, SSN, purpose .etc)?
Answer: Customer Contact Name, Business Name, Business Address, Business URL, Email Address, Phone Number, No of Cameras Requested, Surveillance System Requested
2. Do you want the system to track any other specific information such as vendor‘s shipping period, vendor’s latest product?
Answer: Yes, also Vendors Contact Information, Vendors DVR types, Vendors Cameras Type.
3. Where can we find the list of accessories of this system? There is no accessories information in the website.
Answer: see
4. What do you want GUI unit to be looked like?
Answer: use your imagination
5. Should our system have authority permission level? If so, how many security levels do you want?
For example:
the highest authority level has access to every functions(create read update delete)
lower one may be able to do only update and read
the lowest one can only read
Answer: we agreed on one security level only.
6. In the project description it says” Security is required. Only one level of security.”, does it mean that everyone logging in to this system can access to every data and use every functions(create read update delete)?
Answer: Yes.
7. Is Vendor’s information, Customer’s information and Inventory (product) the only three aspects we have to track?
Answer: Yes for now.
8. When the user wants to see the information, how customization of choices the customization should have?

9. Do you need any statistic function?(e.g. products selling condition, percentage of the rest inventory)and if you need, which parameter do you want to apply this function?
Answer: no required, add a good to have requirement.
10. It is stated in the document that “10 seconds is a limit of process the request”. What do you expect the system to respond after 10 second?
Answer: when we issue a command, say request report, the respond time of the application should not exceed 10 secs.

Team Questions

1. Is the software required to do anything other than tracking data, i.e. are
there any computations that needs to be done?
Answer: The application need to track current store state, at any time we should be able to know how many security cameras and DVR we have in the shop.
2. Does the software need to have a GUI interface or is the customer looking for something like running command line commands or sql commands?
Answer: Yes, a GUI is required
3. Explain what the security level entails.  Is the customer looking to encrypt the inventory data or only give certain users permissions to access the file or to have a password that's required on the software startup?
Answer: There shall be only one security level, once logged in the user can access all required functionality.
4. What type of people will be using the software, managers or engineers or
receptionists... etc?
Answer: see question 3
5. Is there a master list of all the requests that the software must respond to or is it just add/update/delete?
Answer: these are the requirements that need to be defined for surveillance system shop
6. What platforms does the software need to run on?
Answer: no requirements on the platform or programming language
7. If the software is on a server, must it support multiple people from accessing and updating it at the same time?
Answer: offcourse
8. In the future, could there be a possibility for additional products to be supported by the software?
Answer: yes, the company already thinking of adding PC support, hard drives, laptops, IPhone accessories, laptop parts, memory for laptops and memory for PCs, monitors, flash drives, and off course security camera parts and tools.
9. Does the software need to validate the entered data? For example for a yes or no field, I think validation is required but what about the Weight attribute.
Answer: yes all data entered need to be validated and only correct data shall be stored.
10. For the 4 reports, can you give an example of how you want the output to look like?
Answer: Part No, Part Name, Quantity at hand, Purchase date, purchase price, etc.


Busy Bee

1.       Is there an upper limit for the value of quantity of each item (with minimum value being 0)? Not required

2.       Could a particular product type (e.g. 4 Channel DVR or Bullet cameras) be produced by different vendors and have different specifications? Yes

3.       Is the below assumption correct

"Under normal circumstances the logged in user will add a new product or increment the quantity available for a new product from the appropriate product screen - security cameras/DVR system/accessories screens"

4.       Is the below assumption correct

"In the customer screen, the logged in user enters customer information along with the quantity requested. This automatically decreases the quantity available for the product chosen" Yes

5.       Is it ok to not allow any data insert/update from the customer screen if the quantity for any of the products is less than the amount available i.e. force the user to correct values before the program tries to insert customer information or decrease quantity available for any product. Customers has no access to the system

6.       Do we need to track services offered such as Installation, Repair, Maintenance, and Consultation in any form in our program since it not related to inventory? If so are services like products provided by Vendors (without quantity information)? Yes



1) Is this to be coded? If yes, what language?
Answer:  Yes.  Any Language your team familiar with.

2) Though you said file system can be used to maintain repository of data, is it okay if we use database? (We're thinking this from a coding perspective)
Answer:  sure.

3) Can we hard code the security? As in choose one standard username, password? Or even that needs to come from some database?
Answer:  No.  What you would do if you need to change the password? Lets make a new requirement: System shall allow changing the user id and password used to access the system.

4) If the system fails to respond to a request, can we just ask the user to re-try after an error message?
Answer:  yes.

5) When you say report, do you mean a list of products falling in that category?
Answer:  display on the screen or output to pdf.

6) As for the security level, does that mean the employee in the company can access to the information.   Do I also have to design another level that authorizes others to enter?
Answer:  No need for another security level.

7) As for the security system accessories, how to authorize them first? Can the employee first offer each accessory one username and password first, and then accessories can log in using their own username and password.
Answer:  no need they just need to be configurable (been able to add or remove them)

8) Are there some request about design, such as database design and Object design, or just focuses on the outcome of the final software?
Answer:  No.

9) Do we need to report every step mimicking what software engineers do?
Answer:  Report only RSD, DSD, TSD, and code

10) Are there some system repose limitations, such as at most 5 second?
Answer:  yes. 10 seconds

11) What process model we need to follow? Can we mix scrum and Extreme Programming?
Answer:  Waterfall Process model, but you can scrum or a mix of xtreem programming.

Do we need to maintain professional consultation hours and skilled professional database in our project?
Answer: Yes - you should keep a record of every for example DVR diagnostic skill, Security Camera repair and Security Camera Installation, etc.

Team: WareEngine Technologies

1) Other than an ID number, what information should be stored for accessories?
Answer:  Description, Vendor, Name
 2) Is customer information being tracked? If so, what information needs to be stored?
Answer:  yes.  Customer are businesses: Customer Contact Name,   Business Name, Business Address,  Business URL, Email Address, Phone Number, No of Cameras Requested, Surveillance System Requested

3) Are customer orders stored?  And if so, what information needs to be stored?
Answer:  No.

4) What are the web-based solutions that could be offered?
Answer:  web application

5) Could it be possible to configure more than 16 cameras? Would it differ in any way from the current 16 cameras system?
Answer:   the maximum number of cameras in a system is dependent on the number of outlets in a DVR.  Some DVR types offer more that 16 cameras to be installed.  So the answer is yes

6) Does the store offer warranties on the products/work? If so, what kinds?
Answer:  yes.  One year on labor and one year on parts

7) What sort of services are offered besides installation? (Repair, Maintenance, Consultation?)
Answer:  Repair, Maintenance, Consultation, Design and Outsourcing

8) Are all cameras compatible with all DVRs? Can a system use more than one type of camera with the same DVR?
Answer:  Yes, one DVR could be attached to different camera types.  For example we could install a Dome camera, Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, Waterproof cameras, Weatherproof cameras and Bullet Dome cameras on one DVR.

9) When describing the Vendor list, "content name" is referred to as a data field that should be tracked.  What is "content name"?  Can you give an example?
Answer:  Vendor Name, Vendor Address, Vendor Email Address, Vendor Phone, etc.

0) Should the reports, list of camera types, DVR types, etc., be printable?
Answer:  nice but not required.